Terranaut wants to be the best in class, total solution provider in the trench-less service provider in sanitary, electricity, oil & gas and pipeline markets, by pro-actively approaching our clients with solutions and services which will help them to achieve their business goals.

- Corporate Responsibility (CR) for Terran​aut means accepting our responsibility to provide a positive contribution to our employees, the market, the environment and the community.

- It is our duty to remain a healthy business, that creates added value in the economic, social, ecological and community areas.

-The aforementioned areas are further defined as follows:

o    Our employees;

§     Safety (No harm)

§    Integrity

§    Training & Development

§    Diversity

o    Our Clients;

§    Innovation

§   Improving effectiveness and efficiency

§    Optimal balance between performance vs. costs

§    Responsibility in the Total Supply Chain

§    Supporting our customers in achieving their business goals

o    The environment;

§   CO2 Reduction

§    Resource Management

o    The community;

§    Community Investment

§    Stakeholder Management    

-On a yearly basis CR targets are set for these themes to ensure continuous improvement.

-The Managing Director is responsible that these targets are met and reported. A CR focal point is assigned to collect all required data which is verified by the Financial Director and spot-checked by an Independent Controller.

Managing Director

Terranaut Technology Co

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